Discover Imperial Bock


Name – Imperial Bock

Brewery – Alaskan

Style – Imperial Doppelbock

Style – Juneau, AK

ABV – 12.5%  

IBU – 25

Description – Imperial Bock is a full-bodied beer with cherry notes and rich toasty overtones. A perfect winter warmer, this beer brings the intensity of alcohol, but also rich smooth vanilla and bourbon-like flavor from the introduction of oak chips. It is full of robust, rich flavor with a slightly dry finish. This big, bold brew is dark brown in color with a sweet malt character and little hop bitterness.

This is a stronger version of a Doppelbock, which is often produced by freezing a Doppelbock and removing the ice crystals to intensify flavor and strength. Our Imperial Bock shares the same flavor intensity and strength of an Eisbock, but instead of freezing this beer, we brewed it to high alcohol content and then let it rest on oak chips to enhance the mellow vanilla sweetness.


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