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It’s that time again!  Oktoberfest continues to be one our favorite things we do at Brown Iron. Dating back to 1810, Oktoberfest was the celebration of the wedding between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. Unlike many royal unions, this one was a celebration for all of the citizens of Bavaria. Based on its success, the decision was made to continue the tradition annually.

The Oktoberfest we celebrate today is a great experience for anyone. Patti and I had the opportunity to visit Oktoberfest in 2017. I can say that everyone should put it on their list of things to do. If you do, make sure you bring your dirndl and lederhosen. You will feel silly without it!  Another tip would be to avoid consecutive days. The liver needs to recover.

Although they call the structures “tents” on the grounds, they seem like full-on building structures. It’s hard to believe they put them up and take them down every festival. Each tent serves only their brand of beer sold in 1 liter or half liter sizes. Your selection typically comes down to a Festbier, Radler or Alkoholfrei. A few tents offer wine and each tent has its own personality. In addition to the festival tents, there are a wide range of stands selling all sorts of merchandise and food. A huge section of the fest grounds has an array of carnival rides which was fun to see. Check out “The Devil’s Wheel” on Google to see an insane ride experience. We went in and it was so fun to watch!

Unfortunately, the Wiesn (to the Germans) will not be celebrated this year. Although this isn’t the first time it has been cancelled, this year will be the 25th time it has been cancelled. With attendance of roughly 7.2 million, it really is an impressive production. We were planning on attending this year with staff; but hopefully, we can make it back in 2021.

But fear not!  Undeterred, our Oktoberfest will run between Friday, September 18th through Sunday, October 4th. Why so many days? We try to mirror the event similar to what they do in Bavaria. Although we don’t have a single tent with a single beer, we give you the best option to try 30+ German beers. Look for your favorite beers from Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Spaten, Weihenstephan, Erdinger, Ayinger and a host of others. Although we can’t get our hands on draft beer from Augustiner or Löwenbräu, we have four of the six Munich breweries. Based on the challenges of bringing in and tapping all the different imported beers, I really don’t know of any other place that does what we do. Although our focus is American Craft Beer, we do it so we can bring these great beers to our customers. In addition to our full menu, we will have special Oktoberfest options daily.

The staff will be wearing traditional fest garments. Patrons  wearing the full dirndl or lederhosen will receive 10% off their bill.